We’re all going to need lots of hand sanitiser gel in the months to come.  

We could see bottles on every desk, at every work-station and by every door.

But that number of bottles everywhere? They’ll be hazard in their own right – so we need a solution that helps us keep control.

And look around. You can already buy sanitiser stations.

The choice is huge, but the benefits are small. Most are expensive and many promise touch-free luxury.

For every good product, ten times that number or more have been rushed to market, have unreliable motors or will trap you into one brand of refill. And if you’re thinking ‘printer ink cartridges’ here, you’d be right. That’s bad enough, but to be caught in the same trap for sanitiser… it makes no sense.

Reliability is an absolute priority.

If dozens, maybe hundreds of people – in some locations thousands – are going to be accessing a sanitiser station routinely through the day, the equipment needs to be robust and reliable. Battery operated gadgets are unlikely to be tough enough; it’s not just the sensors; who’s really going to fit one of these with a decent motor? And anything that takes only one type of refill is a recipe for disaster.

So what’s the solution?

Simplicity is key and Kingly have that solution: a selection of three well-built sanitiser stations that will take any refill and have a convenient storage area for extra bottles of sanitizer gel; a station where bottle change-over is quick, easy and hygienic.


There’s no electronic dispenser to fiddle with and no custom-made refills to fit ‘just so’.

Instead, a simple device to do an important job, really well. Plus, anyone can do the refill in seconds.

There’s no waiting for the designated official – simply swap over the empty bottle for a new one conveniently stored at the station.

At Kingly, we’ve devised the perfectly engineered desktop, wall and freestanding sanitiser stations. Everything you need is at your finger-tips:

  • Convenient pump action bottle.

  • Any type of bottle can be used – 250ml, 500ml or 1 litre

  • Storage space for holding spare bottles of sanitizer gel

  • Easy changeover in seconds

  • Facemasks/gloves holder

  • Robust EU manufacture

  • Brandable with your graphics

  • Any germs picked up from the pump handle are immediately killed by the sanitizer gel you’ve just taken

  • Built-in rubbish bin with free-standing version


If it’s practicality and reliability you want, then it’s time to turn to Kingly.

Kingly – helping you stay safe at home, safe at school and safe at work.