Each pack contains:

5x Hygienic cleansing wipes. 65% alcohol.

1x 30ml bottle of DEEP CLEAN disinfectant surface cleaner.

1x Cleaning cloth.

2x 70% Isopropyl alcohol swabs/wipes.

3x Assorted sterile plasters.

1x Pair nitrile gloves.

1x Tissue Pack of 10 units 3PLY.

2x Anti-microbial screen and lens cleaning wipes.

2x Refreshing wipes.

1x Refreshing cologne 8ml.

1x Soap bar 15 grams.

1x Liquid soap sachet. 8ml.

2x Shower gel.15 ml x 2 flow packs.

1x Dental Pack - Toothbrush, Dental cream sachet and Mouth Wash Elixir 8ml.

1x Comb.

1x Shaving kit.

1x Shoeshine












































IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to very high demand for our packs, we reserve the right to change the contents of the Multi Packs if a specific item is in short supply. We will simply substitute in an appropriate replacement – and, of course, we will tell you about the change.


About Face masks

Currently we do have access to face masks. But they are in high demand for medical professionals and they are very expensive. At the moment, including them in our packs would negatively affect prices.

Additionally, and contrary to popular belief, it is the gloves that surpass the face masks in terms of added protection against infection. It is the danger of contaminated surfaces that create a high risk.


About DEEP CLEAN Alcoholic Disinfectant Lerasept® FP 408

Important ingredients:  1-Propanol (35g/100g), Ethanol (25g/100g)


  • Lerasept® FP 408 is a ready to use surface disinfectant for the quick and efficient disinfection of delicate, smooth surfaces and everywhere where a quick and lasting disinfection is desired: food processors, beverage, sanitation and other public areas.

  • Lerasept® FP 408 contains a broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity and evaporates without leaving a residue. The contained alcohols react mainly by denaturing cell proteins and other cellular components. Due to the unspecific mode of action of the alcohols contained in Lerasept® FP 408, a wide sphere of action and effectiveness can be ensured without the risk of resistance. 

  • Application: Lerasept® FP 408 is a ready to use preparation and leaves no residues after application. Lerasept® FP 408 should not be rinsed off with water. 

  • Use as concentrate. Do not dilute. Use a cloth to apply.

  • Response time for killing bacteria and viruses is fast from 15 seconds.

  • Storage advice: store in well-sealed containers in a cool and dry place.  Avoid exposure to frost and heat. Protect from direct sunlight.




100% Latex-free and powder-free. Ambidextrous with beaded cuffs. HSE recommended for mandatory kits. Ideal for latex-sensitive skin. Effective biohazard barrier.


About Screen wipes

Suitable for eyeglasses, mobile phones, CD, watch, glass, lenses, iPad, mirror, screen.

Safe and effective: They wipe away bacteria, dust and oil with just a swipe. No fibers or lint behind. Leaves no residue.

Usage: Brush away dust and dirt. Unfold the wipe and gently clean the surface until the surface is clean and dry


About anti-bacteria hand cleansing gel

There are shortages and we do have thousands of bottles of gel arriving in 3 to 4 weeks. However, the high alcohol content wipes supplied in our packs are as effective as hand cleansing gel.