The Kingly Hygiene Packs and socks created a furore at “The Pink House”

The contents of every pack can be customized and may come in a creative box

Photo by Yuliya Georgieva, The Pink House.

Recently we sent a donation of facemasks, hygiene packs, hand sanitizers, and socks to "The Pink House" Day Center, run by the Center for Humane policy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their mission is to help improve the quality of life of homeless people, who addicted to drugs and alcohol and haven’t decided to stop using substances yet. The clients of the center can get a hot drink, talk to the social workers and receive a consultation with a lawyer, psychiatrist or psychologist – the support they need to get back on track, learn how to resolve their addiction, find a job and be a productive member of society again.

Our new Social Media Manager, Desislava, knew that the center is in critical need of facemasks and sanitizers, as she knows the director of the center personally. On Facebook, Yuliya Georgieva had posted that in order to continue their initiatives, she and her colleagues needed fresh supplies, but couldn’t afford them because of lack of funding.

Photo by Yuliya Georgieva, The Pink House.

Kingly ran to the rescue. We prepared several packages and send it to The Pink House. Yuliya picked them up and immediately posted pictures on social media, saying how amazed she was that our hygiene packs contain everything that her clients need, even combs. She was even more impressed by the colorful socks we had sent. She couldn’t wait for Monday, to tell her colleagues about the donation, which had arrived at the end of the week.

The next week we received a video with the heartwarming reactions of the other social workers. Their jaws literally dropped when they discovered what’s inside of the unisex packages from the Kingly Hygiene line. They couldn’t believe that there is a firm who came up with such a great idea that is helpful to medical, as well as social centers. Once again, the true showstoppers we the eco-friendly "Be safe" socks that come in compostable bags.

The team of social workers was wowed even more when they found out that the packages are brandable, can be customized to every need, and come in creative boxes as well. They asked to buy some of our bespoke underwear and some more socks for their clients. We added them to the donation packs, although they insisted on paying. In return, they decided to recommend our products to their colleagues in Europe and spread our fundraising campaign through their social media channels:

Learn more about the contents of our hygiene boxes and how to customize them here:

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