During this terrible pandemic we have seen how doctors, nurses and emergency staff have been working in the most stressful situations.

It’s stressful physically and emotionally, and it’s hard on their families.

We have seen how so many, because of their dedication and extreme hard work have gone through the worst imaginable circumstances. We have seen their sacrifice.

They are the front runners against the pandemic.

It’s not just that: so many of them have caught the virus and become ill themselves. They are the real heroes here. They deserve more than praise.

(Alas, right now, very little praise due for the governments of this world.)

At Kingly we pledge free HYGIENE BOX PACKS for doctors and nurses in Europe.

Sure, we are not a large multi-national company, but we are already doing our bit by donating many thousands of boxes to those in need.

Before, our drive was about the balance sheet of the company and keeping it running healthily. Of course, we have a team who work for Kingly and the business needs to go on – their families, our family, depend on that – but Kingly has never been about pure profit.

And now we’re having a fresh think about what this pandemic is teaching us, and a fresh think about those who really deserve our appreciation and yours too.

These weeks and months, and those to come, will live in our thoughts and minds for the rest of our lives. And so, from there, the balance of our company philosophy is changing.

Profit just took second place.

At Kingly, we pledge free HYGIENE BOX PACKS for doctors and nurses in Europe.

(Conditions around identification and reasonable quantities will apply.)

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