Breaking news.. Kingly launches the Anti-Bacteria Hygiene box packs.

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the greatest worldwide threat in a generation.

Every citizen of every country is at risk.

Overcoming this infection will take time and perseverance – but it is achievable.

And everyone can play their part.

At the heart of this campaign is good personal hygiene and the highest standards of cleanliness at home and at work.

Following best practice means that we can manage, control and reduce the impact of this coronavirus until we can resume more normal lives.

And at Kingly we are pleased to play our part. We will also be donating thousands of hygiene box packs to people in need.

The Kingly Hygiene Pack

A range of packs to enhance personal and environmental hygiene.

The simple way to bring help and reassurance to your customers.

-Box packs containing essential hygiene products to keep you safe throughout the day

-Simple selection of packs: unisex, for-her and for-him

-Flexible options: customize packs just for your customers

-Wide choice of items from which to choose

-Branding options on packs and selected products

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