1 Anti-Microbial disposable wipe

1 Dental kit - Toothbrush, toothpaste sachet and mouthwash sachet

1 Comb

1 Bath gel

1 Soap bar

1 Liquid soap sachet

1 Refreshing unisex cologne

1 Refreshing lemon wipe

3 Tissues

Kingly: re-defining flexibility and choice!

We can adapt our systems to create the pack that suits you best. Get in touch to discuss your needs and ideas.

For example, the Jaguar Luxury Travel pack is similar to the reference MP02 consisting of the outer bag printed in 1 colour with an inner rigid carton support holding 3 tissues (3 PLY), 10 gram bar of soap flow packed in metallic Lila film printed in 1 colour, 15 gram bath gel flow packed in 1 colour, toothbrush with protective cap, dental cream and a comb.


As an alternative to the MULTI PACK, you have the option of the KINGLY HYGIENE BOX PACK, the most complete pack imaginable.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to very high demand for our packs, we reserve the right to change the contents of the Multi Packs if a specific item is in short supply. We will simply substitute in an appropriate replacement – and, of course, we will notify you of the change.

Hygienic Disinfectant Towel Antimicrobia