In these past 6 weeks Kingly has not only been forging ahead with a range of new hygiene products but has also been donating a large portion of these goods to hospitals in the UK and Spain. The Hygiene and Anti-Bacteria box packs are sent to support doctors, nurses and other front-line staff. These are the true heroes who are sacrificing their all during this crisis.

So, what did we do?

As part of a new strategy we extended and re-purposed large sections of our production lines.

We liquidated 90% of our company funds, of which 50% was allocated to assembling complex hygiene and anti-bacteria packs for donation. Thousands of packs have been sent from our factory in Sofia, Bulgaria, and we continue to assemble packs and send to hospitals as key centres of need at this time.

One of the hospitals we have been privileged to support is the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, England.

This is a large trust of two hospitals with a total staff count of over 17, 000, which includes 4,224 nurses and 1,761 medics.

The donations included our Unisex Hygiene packs, 65% alcoholic wipes, Be Safe socks and towels. 2 palets in total.

These Hygiene packs not only contain key items like alcohol wipes and surface cleaner, nitrile gloves and soap, but also convenience ‘luxuries’ including toothbrush & toothpaste, shower gel, tissues and plasters ( ).


Additional goods include socks and towels, and these, just like the hygiene boxes, will be distributed in order of need, starting first with those staff working in intensive care with COVID-19 positive patients.

These heroic individuals – ‘heroic’ is much used at the moment, but it really is the only appropriate word – work long shifts in the most challenging circumstances. Usually they are isolated from their own families and have no real prospect of respite until this gruelling pandemic is unambiguously under control. No-one can say with certainty when this might be.


It should go without saying that, like hospital staff worldwide, these selfless people are the best of humanity – they need all the support we can give.

Sourcing, checking, packing and shipping out donations has not been an easy task, but we went above and beyond to maximize the speed in which we packed and shipped the products.


We are continuing with this project so long as we have the revenue to support it. Our first consignment to the Royal Victoria Infirmary included 1000 Unisex Hygiene Box Packs, 2000 hygienic cleansing wipes (65% alcohol) and additional knitted socks and terry cotton towels. It’s a pity we cannot supply more at a time and a pity we cannot reach more hospitals.

We are not an enormous corporation and our resources are limited.

Your donations will make a difference. Even a small donation will help us maintain the momentum and rhythm with which we can continue to assemble packs and despatch them to where they are needed.

Our target of £400.000 would mean the ability to produce up to 100.000 complete hygiene & anti bacteria box packs.

Further, when this pandemic is over, we pledge 3% of our profits after taxes to continue donating hygiene products for life.

Kingly has always been known as a generous company with priorities beyond simple profit.


Just as we have developed environmentally friendly products, we believe we should help look after our fellow humans too. It’s a policy of ours to support people in need.

Prior to the pandemic we supported charities like Barnardos UK and the homeless with socks and other products. Please give generously if you can – even a little helps a lot.