At Kingly, there are two options:

  1. Sanitiser gel with our standard label or

  2. Sanitiser gel with your own label design.


There are many options available to include 5ml monodosis, 60ml, 250ml, 400ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 litre drums and the all new Dispenser box containing 20 bottles of 60 ml sanitiser gel.




































Production lead times will vary according to the size of the bottle and the quantity. We are currently producing orders direct from stock in 3 days or custom orders from 5 working days.

Each order has to be booked in.  Lead times will vary according to the level of demand.

Transport costs are valid for distribution within the EU.


When it comes to hand sanitiser cleansing gel, be sure you’re buying from the right source.

Time and time again, low-grade gel is reaching the market and putting people at risk.

Labels make false claims and the claimed quantity of alcohol content can be grossly exaggerated, with other ingredients being second rate – if you’re lucky.

It’s clear that there are producers out there quick to exploit the vulnerable. They have no shame, and no care at all for the consequences of their actions. Reports are coming in from laboratory testing where the results are shocking to the point of being overwhelming. Take a brand such as this one where the result was a mere 0.5 % alcohol!

Link : https://www.stabroeknews.com/2020/04/09/news/guyana/analyst-department-recalls-substandard-hand-sanitizer/


It’s telling us a story here…

Take a stand. Insist on high quality, fully compliant sanitiser gel made in Europe.

As such, Kingly offer you all the assurance you need: the highest quality sanitiser gel, fully compliant with EU regulations, and which also undergoes rigorous laboratory testing twice monthly!

Why do we take the trouble when others don’t?

It’s simple, really… we can pass on that assurance to you. We’ll sleep soundly knowing you get a good product and so will you. When you buy from Kingly, not only do you get the best possible price – you’ll also know every batch is top grade. Only the best.

We are supplying gel through two routes to the consumer. First, via donations. Second, at low margin and low cost to our own customers to help them boost their sales.

We know that most people are paying too much for hand sanitiser. We’re working hard to change that. In fact, our new sanitiser production line means that we are confident that within weeks our honest prices will help drive market prices right down.

Current lab reports confirm that sanitiser gel supplied by Kingly is amongst the best rated on the market. We keep it simple. We keep it the best. We don’t get involved with gel made the outside of the EU.

Why use Kingly?

Peace of mind - top grade quality – top service - constant laboratory testing - competitive prices - constant donations – constancy from Kingly.


Help us put the word out to squeeze the opportunists and profiteers.

In a recent report (see the link below) the BBC are, very correctly, criticising the exorbitant price of hand sanitiser gel. As always, they’ve done their groundwork, but I don’t agree with all of their analysis.

They seem to be saying it’s unavoidable. Yes, prices for alcohol and ethanol have been going up, and up – and up, but it is still inexcusable that a 500 ml bottle of sanitising gel is selling at £30. Someone in the supply chain for that retailer is exploiting the situation to squeeze both retailers and consumers. Now we need to put the squeeze on them.

We are selling a 5-litre drum of European made, fully compliant, sanitising gel from £39 for large quantities. In fact, we are disinterested in profiting from the sale of this product. Take another example: we are selling a 75 ml bottle of gel from £1.57 per bottle.


So, sanitiser gel has become the stuff of reality, a key commodity. And, unsurprisingly, there are opportunists out there who are profiteering from the sale of this now vital commodity. The problem lies with distribution: from the manufacturer selling it on to distributors and resellers. Somewhere along the way someone is making a killing on it. Producers need to tie-in their partners to much higher ethical standards, all the way down the line. Those who flout the rules should be dropped from the chain. Significant penalties should be applied to those guilty of abuse.

Using LinkedIn and other social media channels, our aim is to help drive down the price. It's such a shame, really, that this is necessary. We salute those producers who are donating massive supplies to hospitals and governments.

For more information about Kingly and our hygiene products go to www.creativehygienepackaging.com

........and here is the link:

Coronavirus: Where has all the hand sanitiser gone? - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/stories-52126847

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