The rapid worldwide spread of Covid-19 means that it is now, more than ever, critically urgent to practice and maintain good personal hygiene. Never in a generation has this been so important.

Kingly is already set up to respond quickly - and in very short period of time we have created a new concept in personal hygiene:


Why do we add the ‘CREATIVE’ to HYGIENE PACKAGING?

Simple really... this attractive pack can carry your branding and inside are really useful items to help and reassure your customers.

  • It’s the best way to differentiate your brand from the competition.

  • You make a lasting impression. Exciting, unique packaging grabs the attention of customers.

  • You strengthen brand retention, and what better than this to promote one’s brand?

  • The carefully chosen contents will help your customers navigate this tricky time.


We understand how and why companies are affected negatively by the outbreak of COVID-19.

In our industry sales have fallen drastically; trade shows, conferences and events have been cancelled and companies are slowing down their patterns of purchasing.

The goal of these packs is to offer reassurance. When a customer places an order for these packs they are creating goodwill with their own client base and beyond. In this very challenging time, the whole world needs goodwill and we are committed to playing our part.

Our packs represent many things we all need: positivity, cleanliness and hygiene, caring for our customers and caring for our communities. It’s with these underlying drivers that we have launched these packs. They are suitable for every business and for everyone who has the simple need to incentivise their customers - to promote their brand and to demonstrate their concern for their customers’ welfare.

Using mostly European made hygiene products, and with more than 15 years’ experience in the packaging and amenities industry, we have created the following standard hygiene packs:

  • Unisex hygiene pack

  • For him hygiene pack

  • For her hygiene pack


This makes selection easy and the contents are carefully chosen. However, we understand that the needs of customers can change.

Some may prefer a custom-made hygiene pack in order to adapt to the needs of their customers. Some may prefer a different type of box, or a tin perhaps.

At Kingly we have in house packaging equipment to offer the flexibility and the choice of a custom pack. Therefore, if customers require purposefully made packs with their own choice of products, we will make it happen.

The packs consist of a fully branded sliding box into which the products are placed. Great care is taken to ensure that all hygiene products are packaged in a hygienically clean and anti-bacterial environment.















How are we making this an affordable reality?

The majority of the hygiene products are not branded. This reduces costs and handling and helps maintain the hygienic integrity of the products. In addition to that, all personnel handling the packaging of the packs use disposable nitrile gloves in each production shift. Of course, washing hands with soap and water is second nature and we are rigorously ensuring that all staff do this appropriately and frequently.

Preventative measures are always best. We are uncompromising on quality and on hygiene.

  • Our quality control protocol covers the entire process, from before the hygiene products are received, to when they are packed, shrink wrapped and shipped.

  • Once the packs are complete, they are individually shrink wrapped with film. They are sealed and contained in a hygienic way.

  • Finally, the packs are placed into export boxes and strapped with PVC to prevent unnecessary tampering whilst in transit.


In the excitement of a new project it can be easy to lose track of other important values; not at Kingly. The box is recyclable, with recyclable plastics and other materials whenever possible.

Production lead times are from just 10 working days, with a minimum quantity order of only 500 units. Prices are the most competitive in the industry. We made sure of that - at this time affordability is the key.


Hard times & a positive mindset

There is no denying that Covid-19 has created a deep concern about how we live and how businesses can thrive. This is a challenge on a scale that societies and economies didn’t see coming. It can be alarming to see some people panic - and panic buy! –  but it is also heart-warming to see how many people are following advice and how many are helping others in many different ways.

We are pleased to play our part and we believe these Creative Hygiene Packs are a very effective ‘two birds with one stone’. Your customers receiving a pack receives a gift of real utility. And they’ll remember it came from you. In this industry, confidence and mindset is key to survival and success.


In these difficult times, our Creative Hygiene Packs are a positive way to help your friends remain positive and strengthen your brand too.