It’s rated as the best on the market.

Kingly’s Deep Clean Disinfectant is a ready to use virucide surface disinfectant.

It’s ideal for the quick and efficient disinfection of multiple surfaces. 
It’s suitable for delicate, smooth or hard materials - in fact anywhere where a quick and lasting disinfection is desired and where surfaces may be contaminated. 

It evaporates without leaving a residue, so it’s perfect for quick and effective cleaning in a wide variety of situations.

In tests it has been proven to kill viruses in 15 seconds.

We recommend that to be certain, you wait 30 seconds – at that point you’ll have an unbeatably safe and virus-free surface. 

When Coronavirus (Covid19) can last up to 72 hours on some surfaces, you need a disinfectant you can trust: Kingly’s Deep Clean Disinfectant is powered by Lerasept® FP 408, proven as an effective virucide against enveloped viruses including Coronavirus (Covid19). 

Due to the very broad range of action of the alcohols contained in Deep Clean, it can be used regularly and reliably in a wide range of applications without the risk of resistance.  Used by the military and in the private sector, Lerasept® FP 408 contains a broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity making it suitable in many different contexts.

Lerasept® FP 408 is an alcoholic disinfectant classified as a biocide.

Evidence of its efficacy is recorded against DIN EN 1276, 1650 and 13697, listed at IHO and VAH.

It is tested successfully to EN 14476 and is considered as one of the most effective disinfectants against a wide range of viruses including Coronavirus.


The active ingredients denature cell proteins and breaking down the virus structure, killing it and making safe the surface that’s been cleaned.

Important ingredients:  

1-Propanol (35g/100g), Ethanol (25g/100g) 

Lerasept® FP 408 is a ready to use preparation and leaves no residues after application.

Lerasept® FP 408 should not be rinsed off with water.  
Lerasept FP 408 is supplied in a 60ml flip top bottle with a cleaning cloth and the product data sheet, reference DP01.


It is also available in 5 litre drums. Reference DP05.

Always read the label and instructions.

DP01 Deep Clean alcoholic disinfectant s