Welcome to the Maxi Pack, the little brother of the Kingly Hygiene Box Pack.

Although smaller in size than its big brother, the Maxi Pack box packs a punch when it comes to product content. Of course, it cannot hold the same number of items, but the essentials are here and its impressive. Its more compact and convenient and can hold up to 16 products inside its smart exterior.

Its special. It’s the only pack of its size which can hold so many products

Now, wait just one moment as we compare it directly to any other pack on the market. It’s all about value for money:

  • The Maxi Pack is the most price competitive

  • Its brandable

  • All products are compliant

  • Over 90% of all products are European made


And it’s environmentally friendly. The box is made of recycled carton board and is itself recyclable.

It’s all about Benefits and the Maxi Pack has it all. Its what everyone wants: an all-over branded box with maximum product content and effective personal hygiene for your buck.

Look no further. There are other hygiene packs out there, but they’re just not the same. They have limited products inside. Just disappointing. If you’ve tried the rest, we know you’ll settle for the best. You’ll be delighted with the Kingly Maxi Pack.


Maxi Pack is available in a comprehensive range of variants:

MXP 01 Unisex Hygiene

MXP 02 For Her Hygiene

MXP03 For Him Hygiene

MXP04 First Aid

MXP05 Ski

MXP06 Outdoors

MXP07 Summer

MXP07 Festival

MXP08 ..... the list is infinite.

MXP Custom Hygiene Maxi Pack - choose from a spectacular product gallery so you can select just what you know your customers need.

Finally, we offer the same packs as above, but with the retail Euro hanger box option, reference MXPT.


And the best part? It is cheaper than you think and fast to produce - ready for despatch from only 7 working days!

We are Kingly. We produce hygiene products to the highest quality standards. We sell them at a fair price.