Hygienic cleansing wipes, 70% alcohol. Manufactured in Europe.

1 box of 1000 units. Inside of the box are 4 poly bags of 250 units per poly bag.

Weight of the box is 4.5 kilos.

Size of box is 40 x 30 x 20 cm. 1 palet contains 60 boxes. 60.000 units in total.


Size of the wipe is 12 x 18 cm. Sachet size is 6 x 8 cm.

Included in the price is 2 colour branding.

Production lead times are the fastest in the industry at 1 week!

Other producers are currently running at 4 weeks.


Price is the same for in stock label design or your own branding.

Optional branded box dispenser with 50 or 100 wipes per box is available. 


Hygienic Hand Cleansing Wipe 70% alcohol